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  1. Do I have a Case?

    All cases evaluated at no cost. The lawyers at CT Injury Law Center evaluate your case for free and tell you if the law is on your side. In some cases, an investigation is necessary before we can advise you about how strong your case is. The sooner you speak with one of our legal professionals, the sooner you can receive your free case evaluation.

  2. How Much Can I recover for My Injuries?

    Every case is different. Connecticut juries have awarded more than 40 million for serious injury compensation. The value of your case is affected by a series of factors starting with liability, or “fault”. Other factors affecting case value include the severity of the injury, the amount of medical bills, lost wages, impaired earning capacity, cost of future surgeries or treatment, loss of use or limitation in range of motion or use of your body, scarring, permanent impairment. See our Notable cases page to review some of our results. The is no set limit to how much a jury can award under Connecticut law – the award should be fair, just and reasonable.

  3. Can I afford to Hire the CT Injury Law Center?

    We make it easy to work with us. You pay nothing unless we get money for you. Our fees come out of the money we get from the at-fault person’s insurance company. CT Injury Law Center pays all expenses including expert fees and court costs as we go forward with your case so there is no need to worry about fees or costs until your case is resolved.

  4. Can I Meet My Lawyer In Person?

    Yes. We can meet you any of our office locations: Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, or Glastonbury. If you are in the hospital, or not able to get to our office, we will come to you anywhere in Connecticut. We also have the capability to video conference with you if you have access to a computer.

  5. Will I have to Go To Court?

    Most cases settle out of court. In the small percentage of cases that require trial, our experienced team of lawyers is with you all the way. If the other side does not make a fair settlement offer, we are prepared to take our cases to trial. We fight hard for fair settlements as early in the process as the circumstances allow. We also work with top mediators and Judges to help get cases fairly resolved.

  6. How Much Time Do I have to Bring a Case?

    It is important to have a lawyer determine if your case is timely because the facts of your case may determine the time limit that applies. In Connecticut, negligence cases should be brought within 2 years of the accident or injury. However, the time limit may be extended in some circumstances. If you have questions about the time limit for your case, please call us.