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Fires, Burn Injuries and Explosions

Fires, Burn Injuries and Explosions

Hartford Fire Lawyers - Explosions and Burn Injuries

Connecticut Burn Injury Lawyers

CT Injury Law Center Attorneys handle fire cases, investigate accidents involving explosions, and help burn victims pursue fair compensation. We have dealt directly with state and local fire marshals and have directed fire scene inspections and scientific cause and origin experts. We have experience presenting and cross-examining fire science experts at trial and deposition. We have won wrongful death cases earning substantial recoveries for Connecticut families who lost love ones due to defects in products resulting in fatal burns.

We Know The Experts in Fire Science and Medicine

Whether it is working with the local experts at The Connecticut Burn Center at Bridgeport Hospital, or national experts at the University of Chicago Electrical Trauma Program, CT Injury Law Center lawyers have the experience other law firms are still building.

Experience Matters in Reaching a Good Result

Fire injuries and explosions can happened at work, school or home. Our experience includes cases involving:

  • smoke detectors,
  • fire suppression systems,
  • fire alarms,
  • fire codes,
  • appliance failures,
  • electrical systems faults,
  • furnaces, stoves and ovens,
  • propane fires and explosions,
  • batteries and chargers,
  • gas leaks,
  • electrical fires,
  • chemical burns.

Fire Damage and Property Loss Cases

We can help you if you suffer a property loss due to a fire, or explosion. Get an experienced fire lawyer to help you recover if your personal or commercial property is lost or suffers fire, sole or chemical damage.

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Unless you take action, you may never know if you have a right to a substantial monetary recovery under the law. We stand ready to help answer your questions and welcome the chance to let you know our opinion on your case. If you have been injured, or lost a loved one in a fire or explosion, contact the fire lawyers at CT Injury Center and get an experienced advocate on your side.