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Injury Case Process

The Injury Case Process at CT Injury Law Center

It's easy to work with us ...

Step 1Contact Us - We can't help if you don't call or e-mail!

When you call in you will speak with our legal assistant who will ask you a few basic questions so we can confirm that there is no conflict of interest and we get basic facts that allow our staff to direct you to the right lawyer in our office. We let you know if we can accept your case or if more investigation is needed. We will answer your questions directly.

Step 2The Contingency Fee Agreement - No fees unless we get money for you

We don't ask our clients for any fees, unless we recover money for you. CT Injury Law Center pays all expenses as the case progresses so you are never out of pocket. At the end of your case we take our fees and expenses out of the money we recover for you. We answer your questions and put our agreement in writing so you always know what to expect.

Step 3Investigation, Getting Records, and Early Settlement

After you become a CT Injury Law Center client, we go to work for you investigating what happened and collecting the evidence needed to prove your case. We take care of all the records requests from medical providers and determine if experts are necessary to prove fault for the accident, or to document your damages claims. In most cases, we attempt to get a fair settlement before a court case is filed. If we cannot get a fair settlement, we consider filing suit in state or federal court.

Step 4Once the Court Case is filed: Discovery, Depositions and Mediation

Just because a law suit is filed, does not mean that your case is going all the way to a jury trial. Many cases resolve during the discovery phase which is when the parties exchange written questions to be answered under oath and serve requests to produce documents such as police reports, witness statements and photographs. If the case does not resolve during discovery (we try throughout the process to get you a fair settlement) your case may enter the deposition phase. In this part of the case, key witnesses and parties answer questions under oath and a court reporter writes down all the questions by the lawyers and the answers that each witness gives. If your deposition is taken, it will likely be in our offices and we will meet with you ahead of time to prepare. A case can go to mediation which is where both sides hire a neutral, objective judge or lawyer to work with the parties to try to reach a settlement agreement that all sides can live with.

Step 5Trial - We will Be Ready to Win

If your case has to go to trial, we come prepared and ready to win. CT Injury Law Center is headed by Bruce Raymond, an experienced and successful trial lawyer who has a record of successful results for clients in every judicial district in Connecticut. From the Superior court, to the Supreme Court, Attorney Raymond's record of success is well established. We are a strong team. Our lawyers and paralegal only handle litigation or trial law. We are not spending our time on real estate closings or drafting wills, we are fighting and winning in court for our clients.