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Wrongful Death: What to Do If a Loved One is Killed

If you are ever in a situation where a loved one is killed by error, in an accident or, even worse, intentionally, the first thing you should do is take care of yourself and your family.  There is nothing more tragic than losing somebody that you love, and you should always take the necessary time to grieve and spend time with family.

Once you have dealt with the initial pain, however, there is still the issue of who is going to pay for all of these medical bills and how is your loved one’s estate going to be dealt with.  You and your family may be able to bring a claim for wrongful death against the person(s) who caused your loved one's premature death.  These are things for an attorney to deal with, and the CT Injury Law Center recommends that you contact one as soon as possible.  Only certain people can bring a wrongful death claim:  if your loved one had a will, then the person named as "Executor" would bring the claim for the entire estate and if there was no will, then a next of kin (parent, spouse, child) may be the proper person to bring a claim.  Even if you are neither the Executor nor the next of kin filing for the estate (known as the Administrator), you may also have a claim for your own emotional loss. Things that you can do to assist your attorney include obtaining police records of the incident, gathering evidence, and taking photographs of the scene or of the instrument involved in the incident.  If there are medical records and images, those may be of assistance.  It is also necessary for you to recover any medical bills that came out of the incident so that your attorney will know how much to ask for in recovery.  Other items of importance include autopsy reports and witness statements, which will certainly be used during the litigation process.  Your attorney may also need a copy of the death certificate. The probate process is quite complicated, and it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of an attorney to assist you.  The CT Injury Law Center may be able to help you with the probate process as part of their representation of you.  The point of the process is to ensure that whatever was in your deceased loved one’s name is now in the name of the beneficiaries.  There are also assets and bills to be dealt with, which an attorney can help you with in probate court. In all, there is no more difficult time in somebody’s life than immediately after a loved one has passed on.  Having an attorney certainly cannot bring your loved one back, but an attorney can guide you through a complex legal system and make sure you and your family are financially whole again. Contact the CT Injury Law Center and be safe in the knowledge that your loved one’s legacy is honored properly.

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